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Always development since 1984
Always development since 1984

Since 1984, SEMSAN PUMP is main mechanical equipment and specific process pumps manufacturer for most important projects of Turkey. SEMSAN is most wanted company in Turkey market when SEMSAN PUMP established.

SEMSAN PUMP relocated in Samsun organized industrial zone at 2002 for growing marketing

SEMSAN PUMP has 5000m2 work field in Samsun Industrial zone. Our company has 2x2000 kg. + 2x750 kg. Inductotherm brand twin induction furnaces. 

We can offer our brands manufacturing and high-tech forming and induction equipment’s we can produce stainless
steel and ductile products.

SEMSAN PUMP has TSE certificates on all products and all processes 
have to obey TSE 
ISO 9001:2008, TSE-EN-ISO 14001, İSG-OHSAS
TS18001 quality management.

SEMSAN PUMP also has Europian CE Declaration of conformity for pumps and valves.

SEMSAN PUMP has innovative perspective, daily gaining new features on our company.

Also SEMSAN PUMP check updates and newest products in the marketing world wide and keeps
updating and upgrading self
  • FOUNDRY; 2x2000 kg + 2x750 kg Inductotherm Induction Furnace
  • CNC Machining Department
  • Electrostatic Epoxy Coating Line
  • Double Compound Wet Epoxy Line
  • Quality Control
  • Material Laboratory: Spectrometer, Tensile Stregth Test Machine,
  •  Microstructure Analysis Microscope, HardnessTests
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Tests for EN 12266 -1,2
  • Pump Performance Tests for ISO 9906
  • Material Certification for EN 10204 3.1
  • Coating Thickness, Pull of and Spark Test
  • Surface Roughness Tests